The Cranky Quilt Pattern


Measures: 60″ x 70″

7 rows total.  Each row is a different quilt block. This is not a perfection is a must quilt.  It will test you on cutting points and purposely sewing seams that don’t match or line up.

It’s a fun quilt to let go of all rules with and just have a good time sewing.


The Cranky Quilt is one of the funnest quilts I have designed– as well as one of the first larger….and block or row by row quilt along.

It features 7 rows that vary in style and size.

The idea was to take the typical blocks and make them so –the points didn’t matter, rules were kind of tossed to the wind and you could sew, sew,sew without getting all cranky about it being perfect.


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